Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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7.20.08 Everytime AJ rides his car, he always put on his helmet as influenced by McDonald in one of his DVD collections. He has learned that this will make him safe while riding his bike or car.

Wordart: There are no bad days for riding...some days are just better than others.


Paper and Cars by MeeGee Designs
Wordart by Bethany

Chain by Aimee Designs

Car Journal from Nascar embellies and Railroad crossing sign from Travel Signs by Camille

Monday, August 11, 2008

Batman Fever

Here’s to show how much my son adores Batman. Photos were taken at Glorietta mall and Mall of Asia. We have so much fun just watching him play. I remember, as soon as he got to wear the batman mask, he started approaching people and saying "batman" with a growl sound. Funny little thing. And when he got the cape, he run around happily and again making sure everyone notices him fly. Not shy, huh!
Lately, he always play with his toys-batman and joker (freebies of cococrunch cereal), banging them together as if fighting. Growling becomes his habit.
Just last night, i was so delighted to saw AJ describing the spiderman stickers in his clothes drawers as if reading..saying Black spiderman (sounds like bulack spyman) then Red spiderman (sounds like red spyman)..over and over while pointing at each sticker. When my hubby heard him, we just kept silent momentarily and simply watched AJ repeatedly doing his recital. Funny, really!! What a good night for us!
As soon as i saw you, i knew an adventure was going to happen - Winnie the Pooh
Paper ; Elements: Boltfastner, Screwfastner, Tag,
Word Tab Blank– from Fathers Day Blog Freebie Kit by Mandy Mystiques

Wordart by Bethany

Vector Frame from the Vectors Kit by Scrappy smile
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Spreading Creativity

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It was just last year (2007) right after my son's first birthday when i started to do digital scrapbooking. Due to enormous file of digital photos at hand, i really wanted to organize not only my son's photos but all the family pictures, as well. Back then, i used ready layouts and free software and elements from scrapbookflair and shabbyprincess. Now, I'm using PhotoShop Elements 6 and doing my own layouts already. It was because of my fellow digiscrappers from Girltalk that i have found the courage to start my own LO through their shared tips and techniques.

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