Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Love Santa

Nowadays, AJ is feeling so close with Santa especially during our weekend malling. Just last year, he's still scared to get near with Santa but now he's totally different. At least, he gets to enjoy the moment, and i hope he's still on that same attitude towards Santa until the Children's Christmas Party he's attending for an alive Big Santa will be there! :D
Another LO of my little man together with Santa, with a ready smile on his face!
Paper from Another Xmas Freebie by Droopette
Wordart by Jenny’s Scrap Place
Christmas Balls, Leaves and Ribbon from Another Xmas Freebie by Angelique
Have a nice day!

The Joy of Christmas

AJ loves to pose beside Christmas Tree whenever we go malling. Here's a layout with our pics from Mall of Asia with their tall Christmas Tree as background ;)

Red Paper by Shauna Burke of SmithPineapple Plantation Designs
Xmas Tree Doodle by LorieM xmas doodles kit
Star and Wordart by Jenny’s Scrap Place
Green printed paper by Another Xmas Freebie by Droopette
Have fun scrapping and happy viewing to all!

Coffee Break ver. 1.47

My best and happiest childhood memory of Christmas was when my father was still with us celebrating our yearly Noche Buena. We see to it that we hear mass at 10pm till midnight of December 24 and after which, we gather together for a simple feast and then the most awaiting portion of the night-- opening of gifts. Until now, we continue the family tradition though hardly complete anymore as my other siblings have their own family gatherings/activities.

Another one fondest memory I’ll never ever forget was when I was still in grade school up to my high school years, I remember my mother creating and decorating our own lantern out of the traditional materials—bamboo split, Japanese paper and cellophane. And most of the time, my mother made use of the old frame from previous year. It was a good feeling to reminisce the time that I was helping her specifically on the part of filling in of the paper curls to the round bamboo framing the star. I also remember that even my neighbors asked for help of my mother to cut the design for the tail part of their lantern.

But now, no one is doing that anymore ‘coz you can readily buy it from stores/markets/malls. ;-)

It was a nice coffee break. Thanks Jan!

A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

I received this award from Sis LorieM.

Thanks a lot Sis LorieM!
I'm sharing this friendship award to Sis Sol and Sis Angeleigh
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mica & Erik

We had our long weekend vacation at Lipa, Batangas. Again, my son was so thrilled to see his cousins as this would mean fun playtime for him. At my free time, I was able to do an AVP for my niece and nephew since they had just attended/participated in their school's 8th foundation day. Since its a mixture of photos and video of their dances--mica dancing novelty songs and erik in a modern dance, it was a large file. Just had the thought of including a digiscrap page in the AVP so i made one for the title page (see below) and another two pages as introductory for each dance video. Added some thoughtful message for their Daddy (who's working at Singapore) at the end in case they would want to send it to him. :D


Eyelet ribbon and tag from FRESH START KIT 2008 by SCRAPKUT
Dotted paper from Zglblogkit by ziggle designs & kami leonard
Fonts: French Script MT, Viner Hand ITC, Rage Italic, Earwig Factory

A Gift: Baptismal Invite and Thank You Tag

A gift to a friend/kumare for her new baby's baptismal. Since there's no available picture of the baby at hand, i made use of the baby's name as main element of the invite. Gladly, my kumare was so grateful of my effort and happy from the result of the layout despite absence of photo of her precious 'Rheane Andrea'. Photo of invites was taken from my CP that's why it has poor resolution.


Ribbon and Tails from Toodleyblue page Kit by Tina Chambers
Checkered paper from Candy Jar Kit
Red Safety Pin from Hanging clips freebie by pink peacock
Flaneries nuptials-paper from-
Striped Ribbon from Zglblogkit by Ziggle Designs & Kami Leonard

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship

Thanks Sis Jen for passing on this candle to me.
“Don’t let the Candle of Love, Hope and Friendship die.
May God richly bless you as you keep this candle burning.
Pass it on to all your Friends and to everyone you love.”
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