Sunday, December 14, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.47

My best and happiest childhood memory of Christmas was when my father was still with us celebrating our yearly Noche Buena. We see to it that we hear mass at 10pm till midnight of December 24 and after which, we gather together for a simple feast and then the most awaiting portion of the night-- opening of gifts. Until now, we continue the family tradition though hardly complete anymore as my other siblings have their own family gatherings/activities.

Another one fondest memory I’ll never ever forget was when I was still in grade school up to my high school years, I remember my mother creating and decorating our own lantern out of the traditional materials—bamboo split, Japanese paper and cellophane. And most of the time, my mother made use of the old frame from previous year. It was a good feeling to reminisce the time that I was helping her specifically on the part of filling in of the paper curls to the round bamboo framing the star. I also remember that even my neighbors asked for help of my mother to cut the design for the tail part of their lantern.

But now, no one is doing that anymore ‘coz you can readily buy it from stores/markets/malls. ;-)

It was a nice coffee break. Thanks Jan!

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