Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheery on Cherry trees

Lucky me again to have set my foot to a foreign land. Though it was purely work, i was able to grab a few hours before we left to visit some good places and one of these is a nice view of the cherry trees at the Osaka Castle in Japan. I happen to love trees in all its state and form, that's why i really appreciated to see them even before the blossoms.

Here's to show how happy i am =)

I'm glad to be back to dgscrapping once again.
Have fun viewing!


ails said...

Hi G! Good to see you back scrappin! :) I love trees too in all their glorious state. :) Your pics are awesome. I hope to see some Cherry Blossom trees too.

G said...

we're really some sort of sister talaga when it comes to appreciating things around us =)

thanks sis