Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Daddy's Day

I will never ever forget this occassion as this also the birthday of my blog 2years ago!

I've got no LO for daddy Albert today but let me just share to you the gift me and my son prepared for him for this day--a hybrid neck tie card and '101 reasons why we love you' booklet. Of course the idea came from internet hehehe but still i have fun doing it.
Hubby was so happy with it most especially when he saw AJ's handwriting on it!

Illustrations: Father and Son's moments together

Tape, screwfastener and staples from the fathers day blog freebie kit by Mandy Mystiques Design
Bubbles and Drawings are my own illustrations thru word paint (my first time eh, not pretty hehe)



ails said...

awww... Your gifts are really sweet G. :)

G said...

thanks dear!